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1-Gallon Round Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap

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Product Description

Waterwise BPA-Free bottles are lightweight, reusable and ensure that every drop of distilled water stays pure. They’re extremely durable and simple to clean (just use peroxide and water or baking soda and water, then rinse).

1 review for 1-Gallon Round Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap

  1. n0oxy (verified owner)

    I bought both the 2.2 liter and the 1 gallon bottles for taking distilled drinking water with me on the go. Both are excellent. I take the 1 gallon bottle with me to work. It has a nice carrying handle but I usually put it in a small satchel which it fits in really well. It holds enough distilled drinking water to last my entire work day. Also by drinking the entire bottle I know that I am drinking at least a gallon of pure water each day. It has a nice cap and there is a strap attached to the cap and bottle so the cap cannot be misplaced.

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