Science behind distillation


The experts speak

Scientists, authors, health care providers and nutritionists share their views on the benefits of drinking pure water. Gain compelling insight from luminaries in their field—minus the hype.


Nothing compares to Waterwise purity

Of the primary water purification options: filtration, reverse osmosis and distillation, only distillation assures the ultimate purity. Compare contaminants effectively removed. We’ve thrown in bottled water for comparison, but who really knows what’s in that plastic bottle?


Water for good health

Experts agree that the quantity of water is critical to your survival, even more so than eating. These same experts agree that the quality of the water you drink is as important as the quantity you drink; drinking poor quality water can wreak havoc on your health and vitality.


Water as pure as nature intended

Water is the most abundant substance on Earth and in the human body, accounting for approximately 70% of total body weight. Sadly, we’ve contaminated our precious, life-sustaining water supplies and now must deal with the complex problems of pollution.


Removes VOCs

Volatile organic compounds may or may not be present in your tap water. Most are measured in parts per billion and are virtually undetectable when vented during the distillation cycle. Any residual VOCs are effectively removed by the distiller’s carbon filter.

Vector illustration of cup with black coffee

Practical uses for distilled water

There are many reasons to choose pure water over the poor quality water that comes from the tap: the well being of your pets, houseplants and loved ones, even the health of your appliances.  Using purified water can also have a significant impact in the taste of anything you cook or drink, including your morning coffee or tea.

Young woman washing her face and hands with clean water in the morning

The elixir of life

Research reveals that water may actually be the ultimate age-defying nutrient. Healthful water, that is. And drinking steam distilled water provides many health benefits… some of them you may recognize, while others may surprise you.

Composition with empty polycarbonate plastic bottles of mineral water

The real cost of bottled water

Bottled water is costly in more ways than just the hit you take at the checkout counter. Think about the environmental impact of all that plastic, and the oil used to transport it all over the world. We can save you 70% of your money and your conscience, as well.


Think before you drink

If you think the water you are drinking is just H2O, think again! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one million people in the U.S. get sick from drinking contaminated water each year, with about 1,000 cases ending in death.


Alkaline water myths

If you’ve been drinking in the alkaline water debate, wondering what to believe, read on.