2.2-Liter Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap

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Waterwise BPA-Free 2.2-liter water bottles are lightweight and reusable, ensuring that every drop of distilled water stays pure. These water bottles have a stainless steel lid and are extremely durable and simple to clean (just use peroxide and water or baking soda and water, then rinse). In addition to our 2.2-liter jug, consider purchasing this 2-gallon water dispenser to easily access your purified water.

1 review for 2.2-Liter Bottle with Stainless Steel Cap

  1. n0oxy

    I bought both the 2.2 liter and the 1 gallon bottles for taking distilled drinking water with me on the go. Both are excellent. I take the 2.2 liter bottle with me when I go for long walks. I sing on my church’s worship team and it’s important to drink a lot of water when you sing, and this bottle holds plenty of water for that. It’s a well made bottle with a good cap and it has straps attached to the cap so the cap won’t get lost. It also has a nice carrying handle.

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