Waterwise 3200 Countertop Distiller

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The Waterwise 3200 electric water distiller eliminates concerns about your drinking water safety. Simply fill the distilled water kettle with tap water, press the reset button, and soon you’ll enjoy pure water anytime, anywhere. The Waterwise 3200 countertop water distiller will produce any amount of water up to 1 gallon per cycle. If less than a gallon is needed, simply fill the kettle with the desired amount. This electric water purifier will automatically shut off when no water remains in the kettle. For spare components, see our Waterwise 3200 replacement parts.

  • Produces 1 gallon of 100% steam distilled water in 4 hours (up to 6 gpd)
  • Automatic shutoff after each 1-gallon cycle
  • Dripless stop-and-serve feature
  • 800 watts of power, fits the standard outlet

Distiller, Collector/Carafe and 1 Carbon Filter

6 Gallons (22.7 liters) in 24 hours

Height 15″ (38 cm), Depth 10.5″ (26.7 cm), Width 15.4″ (39 cm)

Net Weight:
14.3 Ibs (6.4 kgs)

120VAC/60Hz 800W


How much do they cost?

Counter top distillers range in price from $380 to $500, larger automatic units start at about $1700 and increase from there depending on the choice of storage capacity and accessories.

What do you do about replacing the minerals removed?

The minerals that exist in tap water are of an inorganic form and are not beneficial to your system. Minerals that your body needs are in an organic form that you would get from your foods and fresh vegetables.

How much electricity does it use?

The distillers use about 3.2 kilowatts per gallon. Based on the national average electrical cost of 8.48 cents per kilowatt hour, this equates to approximately 28 cents per gallon.

How big is it… will it fit on my counter?

The countertop distillers are about the size of a large coffee maker. They will easily fit on a standard counter. The dimensions are approximately 10″ by 16″ by 15″ tall when in operation.

Is it OK to use softened water, since it says not to use salt water?

Yes, the small amount of salt remaining in softened water will not hurt your distiller, in fact using your softened water will make it easier to clean your distiller, because most of the hard minerals have been removed by the softener.

What is the pH of distilled water?

Water produced through steam distillation in combination with carbon filtration is some of the purest water available. Theoretically, pure water should have a neutral pH reading (7.0). But the very purity that should make steam distilled water neutral also makes it very sensitive to the addition of other substances. The near absence of dissolved solids means the smallest amount of any substance will dramatically change the pH of distilled water.

How long do they last…and what is the warranty?

Our distillers typically provide three to five years of uninterrupted, trouble-free service. These units are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.

What materials are the collectors made of… and are they BPA-free?

The material used in the Model 4000 collector is borosilicate glass and is BPA free. The material used for our Model 8800 is polypropylene. The collector/dispenser bottle of the 9000 is Tritan. Both of these materials are BPA-free. Our 7000 series is stainless steel and BPA-free, as well.

Why aren’t all of your collectors made of glass?

Borosilicate glass is not as readily available as it used to be and the unique shapes of our collectors make it more difficult and very expensive to obtain molds, etc., for our small quantities. It also takes several years to design, test, and get approval for new containers. And borosilicate glass, being very fragile, does not ship well, and is not as easy to handle.

Does it remove everthing… minerals, vitamins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals?

Tap water is brought to a boil. Steam rises and enters the condensing coil. Cool air is passed across the condenser, converting steam back to pure distilled water. The distilled water then percolates through the coconut shell carbon filter and is collected. The process of steam distillation combined with carbon post filtration effectively removes at least 99% of impurities.

Why do I need to use carbon filters… doesn’t distillation remove everthing? Will it work without the filter?

Yes, it will work without the filter, but the volatile organic compounds found in the water can cause a bad taste, and could be carcinogenic. The post carbon filter will remove the VOC’s from the water and eliminate the bad taste.

How much water does it make?

One gallon of 100% steam distilled water is produced in 4 to 4.5 hours, up to 6 gallons in 24 hours.

How long does it take?

One gallon of 100% steam distilled water is produced in 4 to 4.5 hours.

How much does it weigh?

Without water, the 8800 weighs 14 lbs, the 9000 and the 4000 each weigh 10 lbs. The stainless steel 7000 series as follows: countertop 7000/3-gallon weighs 30 lbs., floor-standing 7000/8-gallon weighs 37 lbs., and 7000/12-gallon weighs 44 lbs.

What materials are the distillers made from… are they BPA-free?

All wetted materials are FDA rated. Boilers are 304 grade stainless steel (4000 and 8800) or a combination of stainless and high temperature polypropylene (9000). Condensing coils are 304 grade stainless steel.

What is a “like new” demo?

A ‘like new” demo unit has been tried by one of our customers and returned to us under our 100 day risk free money back guarantee. The distillers are fully tested, inspected, repackaged, and carry the same warranty and money back guarantee as a new unit.

What maintenance is involved?

For optimum performance, you should rinse the boiler after every distillation cycle to remove any loose residue. As deposits build up, use an approved cleaner such as Kleenwise, for monthly cleaning—this frequency varies depending on the quality and hardness of the tap water and frequency of use. The carbon post filter cup should be discarded and replaced every two months or after 60-80 gallons of water processed(whichever comes first), or when undesirable taste/odor is detected.

Shouldn’t I clean it every day… do I have to use Kleenwise?

The boiler should be cleaned about once a month. This varies depending on the quality and hardness of the tap water and frequency of use. Rinse the boiler after every distillation cycle with warm tap water to remove any loose residue. You may use our Kleenwise or a 1 to 1 ratio of distilled white vinegar mixed with water.

What if the distiller breaks down… how do I get it fixed?

If you have repair/technical questions about any of our distillers, please contact us via Email at service@waterwise.com or give us a call at 800-874-9028 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET and ask to speak to one of our onsite technicians.

Why is distilled water better than alkalized water?

Distilled water is the purest form of water available to the average consumer. Your body needs pure water to work at its optimum performance removing waste. Alkalized water has to have contaminants in the water to have the capacity to be alkalized. Water with pH above 7 has a tendency to make your system create more acidic conditions to offset the alkaline water, therefore it actually works in reverse to some information being circulated.

What is the micron size of the prefilter?

The micron size of our prefilter is 0.5 microns.

Why is carbon good as post filter for distiller, but not for shower filter?

Carbon works very well to remove VOC’s as a post carbon filter because the flow rate is greatly reduced (1 gallon in 4 to 4.5 hours), thus the contact time is much greater, which is necessary for the adsorption of the contaminants. In a shower filter, the flow rate is at least 2 to 2.5 gallons per minute, which has a tendency in hot water to actually remove the stored materials from the carbon instead of removing them from the water.

Why do you charge more than your dealers?

Our authorized dealers are allowed to set their own prices and specials. Sometimes their specials are better than ours and we do not compete with dealer prices.

If I don’t like it, can I return it?

Waterwise offers all of its direct customers a 100 day, 100%, risk free, money back guarantee. If at any time during that period you decide to return it, call us and we will provide you with a prepaid return label to ship your products back at no cost to you.


Use & Care Guide:


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Waterwise warrants, to the original purchaser, this product against defects in materials and
workmanship, excluding the disposable carbon filter, for a period of one (1) year from the date of
purchase. Defects or failures due to shipping/handling, improper use or maintenance, including
abuse or neglect, normal wear, water conditions, accidents, alterations or modifications, or
unauthorized repair are specifically excluded from this warranty. No dealer, distributor, agent,
representative, or other person is authorized to extend or expand this warranty.

Waterwise is not responsible or liable for personal injury, property damage, or incidental or
consequential damages arising out of, or in connection with, the use or performance of the
product or other damages with respect to loss of use. It is the responsibility of the user to
ensure this product is installed in a location and used in a manner that is appropriate for its
intended use.

Waterwise will, at its option, replace or repair the defective part(s) without charge, provided they
are returned, transportation prepaid by owner, to an authorized service facility or to the address
below. Enclose a letter describing the problem, copy of dated proof of purchase, and your
name, address and daytime telephone number.

This limited warranty does not guarantee uninterrupted service. Repair or replacement as pro
vided under this warranty is the exclusive remedy of the purchaser. This limited warranty is in
lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied war
ranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use or purpose. This warranty gives you
specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state or prov
ince to province.

Outside the United States, a different warranty may apply. For details, please contact your
authorized Waterwise distributor.

Waterwise Inc
3608 Parkway Blvd Leesburg Florida 34748-9399
(352) 787-5008 • Fax: (352) 787-8123
Email: service@waterwise.com

Replacement Parts:

Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller Parts

26 reviews for Waterwise 3200 Countertop Distiller

  1. tnojaim

    Purchased the WATERWISE 3200 system with an extra pitcher in March of this year (2023). We have used this system 1-2 times per day since (~4 hrs per cycle). Since it’s just my wife and myself, we don’t need to run it more often than that. The extra pitcher is very convenient. One pitcher full always ready for consumption and the other can be in the system running at any time. We only incorporated a filter in one of the lids and always use this lid on the pitcher in the system. We just switch lids for each run. We marked the “filtered lid” with an “F” for easy identification. Absolutely love this system. We also mark each cycle in a small notebook in order to keep track of the filter use. We change out the filter at between 75 – 80 cycles (pitchers full) as recommended. At the time of purchase we also bought an extra box of 6 filters.
    The pitchers are BPA-Free plastic but I would prefer glass. The pitcher lid takes a little getting used to and when full, the retractable portion and lid may lend itself to initial spills. You can get it right most of the time but occasionally, even when you do everything right, it still may make a mess. This usually only applies when the pitcher is full. After the water level is down an inch or 2, everything works well as it should. Again, this issue is infrequent and only occasionally happens when the pitcher is full so not a deal breaker. Overall this WATERWISE 3200 is perfect for the two of us and has proven to be well made and reliable to date. Hoping to get years of use out of it.

  2. technogal

    My father first purchased the distiller around 2007. I thought it extravagant and expensive. Then I “inherited” the distiller in 2009 and can’t imagine life without one! While the original one still works after all these years, and it more than paid for itself, I decided it was time to buy a new one. I run it every other day and it is the “greatest thing since sliced bread”.

  3. nancycato

    I’ve had my distiller for a few months and love it. Our water in Texas is full of awful chemicals and fluoride. The taste is awful, but the poisons are the worst. I process at least 2 gallons a day, and have a 5 gallon storage. We use the water for the family and our cats, who love the water. Thank you WaterWise for this wonderful product. Highly recommend and you will never regret this purchase.

  4. riverman323

    Our first Waterwise Distiller was when I was assigned to the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt in 1991. The tap water there was pure mud with tons of bacteria as an added bonus. This machine made CLEAN & CLEAR water out of the nastiest water ever & made it drinkable, cookable & safe. We were sold and have been using our distillers in North Carolina, Guam & Texas. The tap water in the US may be nothing compared to Egypt, but it still has much trash & impurities. Oh yeah, don’t forget that toxic poison called Flouride, does away with that too. We’re on our 5th distiller since 1991, making 2-3 gallons a day. Gave one to each our two sons for Christmas last year, they’re still doing backflips . Best money ever spent.

  5. roger.seekell

    We love our distiller that we purchased about a month ago. The cycle is only 3 1/2 hours; the water is delicious; the reservoir is easy to clean.

  6. annjefferies

    I have been using the 3200 for over 20 years. When on city water I use it because I do not trust city’s purification process. It is convenient and easy to use. It cleans easily if you do not let the sediment build up too much. This is a great unit.

  7. glenn

    We are off-grid homesteaders and use distilled water to top off the 16 batteries that make up our power storage bank. Also use distilled water when curing bacon, ham and venison. The 3200 is perfect to run on a sunny day when we have plenty of excess electricity coming in from the solar array, it is only consuming around 900 watts and we can generate a gallon of water in a bit over 4 hours. Thank you WaterWise for a great product.

  8. n0oxy

    I received my 3200 today and have completed my first gallon of distilled water. This distiller is excellent. The main reason I purchased it was for my humidifier, I’ve come to the conclusion that only distilled water should be used in humidifiers, they will be much easier to clean and this will prevent white dust from getting all over everything. For a while I was purchasing distilled water but if I can make my own, that’s much easier. I think the manual says to discard the first gallon of water but out of curiosity I tasted it and it tastes wonderful so think I will use it. I’m probably going to start drinking distilled water as well. One thing to note, this distiller will continue until the boiling pot is completely empty and this can make the unit more difficult to clean. I was able to clean it by pouring some vinegar in to the pot and then using a paper towel to scrub the bottom to remove the scale. Moving forward, I’m going to unplug the unit slightly before the end of the cycle, perhaps around 3 hours and 45 minutes, I’ll have to figure out what amount of time is appropriate, the idea is to leave a little water in the pot rather than letting it empty completely, this should make it easier to clean. I plan on cleaning the boiling pot after every cycle, this way the scale deposits never have a chance to build up. Anyway, this is an excellent distiller, I would highly recommend it.

  9. Daniel

    I have had my distiller for 12 years now. The reason I know that is because I noticed dust inside where the fan is so I called to find out how to clean it and was told to buy “canned air” and blow the dust out that way which I did. The person told me I had bought it 12 years ago. I use it daily! I find that I go through a gallon each day! Coffee is great! I am going to buy another for my son and his wife before they have their first baby in 2 months. When I clean out the pot there is a yellowish color to the left over water …ewww!

  10. Angeline Smith

    We’ve had a Waterwise distiller for 20 years or more. Even though our small town has it’s own water treatment plant, we still do not trust the water purification. I have bought one for each of our four children, and even bought them as a “gift” for friends. The quality of the product is outstanding. I’ve never had one stop working or break down. NEVER!. Once you have one, you will never go back to drinking water straight out of the tap, no matter how pure they say the water is! I do two tests for people that are skeptical. I take two cups of water, one from the tap and one that has been purified through Waterwise Distiller. Heat them for two minutes. Drop a tea bag in each. The tap water cup turns instantly dark. The Waterwise water must steep for a minute or two longer because there are NO CHEMICALS in the water that will leech out the tea. The second test is try and run a gallon of “distilled or spring water” through the Waterwise Distiller. You will find “sediment and evidence of chemicals” in the bottom of the distiller. And I thought that was purified water?! Will never be without this product.

  11. Duane Otremba

    I bought the 3200 in January 2019. In my central Minnesota city, our municipal water plant treats water from the Mississippi River. With our water quality as good as it is, my 3200 does a terrific job cleaning it further. After every boiler-full, a table-spoon full of a dark brown liquid remains; also, a white material partially coats the bottom of the boiler. The city tells me the brown liquid is no doubt the residue of decayed plant material, which should not be toxic, but can affect the taste. And I don’t know what the white residue might be. Have not had it tested. Also, like so many U.S. cities, chlorine, fluoride, and other materials are added as part of the treatment process. I highly recommend the Waterwise 3200. It’s easy to use. A red light turns on, and after about 3 hours and 15 minutes, the light turns off and the carafe is full. I am a happy Waterwise user!

  12. shadetree.bowen7

    I ordered the water wise 3200 & got it in 2 days fast shipping. I havent used it yet ill wate for the weekend. It looks like good quality . Im a little disappointed because i wanted the water wise 9000. I didnt order it because the boiler has polypropylene liner. I didn’t want my water boiling in that all the time. It might be harmless but i dont like it. I really wanted that one. Please consider having it made of just stainless steel. I would have bought the 9000 if it didnt have the polypropylene in the boiler. Anyway the 3200 looks real good quality just real wide will be hard to find a spot on my counter. ill review how it works later, im shure it will be good. ill give 5 star for the looks for now.

  13. Paul Cavanaugh

    My family, including pets, uses 2 – 3 gallons of distilled water a day – that is about 1000 galloons a year. For nearly 20 years we have depended on Waterwise for our purification products. Waterwise has excellent equipment and great customer service.

    Having used the Waterwise 9000, we decided this time to try the Waterwise 3200. There are several improvements in the product. 1. The unit will not operate unless both the boiler & carafe are in place, avoiding user errors that can create a gallon of water mistakenly flooding your countertop. 2. The new carafe has an integral solid handle built as into the carafe, whereas the 9000 uses flexible handles that need occasional replacement. 3. The clear carafe is more attractive sitting out in the kitchen. 4. The 3200 creates a gallon of water somewhat faster than the 9000.

    The lids on the carafes that came with our order were a bit loose, giving us trouble when pouring water. When we reported this to Waterwise they rushed us new, tighter fitting carafes & lids – solid customer service.

  14. Karen

    I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase! I have had the 3200 tabletop model for two years and I will never be without one. I love drinking the purified water everyday. Waterwise was recommended to by the Gearson Institute, which has been curing cancer and all other diseases nutritionally for years. We use Waterwise for health purposes and it has been amazing! I am a Fan!!

  15. Amy B

    My dad gave me a WaterWise as a gift, and it was a very wise gift. The easy to use tabletop version improved the water taste. What was removed during distilling that made the water not taste as good? I live in Hawaii and know there’s extra iron in the volcanic rock bed that I don’t want in my body. The military has huge fuel drums right over our East Honolulu water supply source and there’s concern about leaking. How many products last over 10 years?! That’s how long I’ve been drinking ‘clean’ water, and I’m guaranteed no fuel in my future water in case there is a leak. Thank you for this quiet guarantee of our drinking water essential to life itself.

  16. Linda

    THRILLED with this purchase. I had been purchasing DI water in plastic jugs for years. Never felt good about all the plastic that I WAS (indirectly) putting into our landfills, oceans,….Plus separating the recycle was hardly worth what little bit I was paid for the trouble. Therefore, most people do not bother. This is a GLOBAL problem, killing off species after species. Plus plastics cause negative impacts to endocrine & immune systems. It is overdue to ban the use of unhealthy plastics. This product is a step in the right direction. I highly recommend this product.

  17. Shari Wright

    I have the 8800 and I really love it! My one question is how do you clean the top where all the dust collects to keep it working well? Thanks so much!

    • waterwise

      We are glad you like your 8800! The easiest way to clean the 8800 fan area is with a can of compressed air, used for computer keyboards, etc., followed by your vacuum. Use the compressed air to loosen the dust and break it free and then use the vacuum to pull the loosened dust out of the coils.

  18. Valeri

    I have WaterWise 9000 distiller for almost 7 years and we use it hard every day non stop, this is the best distiller I ever seen still working perfectly. Planing to upgrade it now and WaterWise will be my next distiller also, Highly Recommend all they products they are the BEST.

  19. Susan S

    It’s rare that I rave about any product I’ve purchased and keeps delivering, day after day after day, without a problem. Especially when your health is involved. My 3200 is still going strong and I use it every day. You’ll be doing yourself (and the planet) a favor if you make this investment in your health. It takes less than 5 minutes to fill the tank and start a new gallon of water. You walk away and it turns itself off when it’s done. You won’t regret this purchase!

  20. Deborah G

    We have had ours for over 16 years, and can’t say enough about how well we like it. Our iced tea, hot tea, and coffee tastes so pure. Our foods that require water to cook with taste much better and have no dark film on them, like tap water leaves on them. Cold distilled water is so refreshing to drink after working in the yard on a Summer day. We are planning to update to a new one soon and offer the old one to a relative.

  21. Jeremy C

    I got the 8800 model about 4 years ago and my whole family uses it daily! Just the best water and construction quality out there Never have had any issues. Thank you for this fine product!

    • waterwise

      Happy to hear the Waterwise 8800 is working well for you!

  22. Pete

    I’ve had this unit now for 17 years and it has worked perfectly. I’m buying another one for my office and getting rid of the water cooler.

  23. mark

    I’ve had two of these water distillers, one for about 25 years and the other for 28 years, both are still working fine. They were sold under the Kenmore name when I bought them.

    • waterwise

      Thank you for your review. Please let us know if there’s anything we can help with in the future!

  24. Debora

    I’ve used the 3200 for four years now and have been thrilled each day to have crystal clean drinking water and brilliant ice cubes.

  25. TG

    Have had my distiller over 10 years. Lived in MI, OH, FL and NC it’s amazing with each state the difference in the chemicals that get cleaned out of the tap water….the color and the amount has been different in each state.. For quality taste the filters are a must have.!! I absolutely love this distiller and will never be without one. Forget hauling water from the store that we really don’t know where it comes from. You can see the chemicals that are removed each and every time.

  26. Steve Armstrong

    I’ve enjoyed my distiller for about 10 years. Everyone that drinks water at my house always says how good the water taste. I have the 3200 countertop distiller and use it all the time, it makes everything that uses water taste so much better. I highly recommend this distiller.

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