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Specially formulated to quickly and easily descale distiller boiling tanks. Environmentally safe, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. This 40 oz. (2 lb. 8 oz.) jar of distiller cleaner and descaler lasts up to a full year. Recommended for all distillers. Ships within the Contiguous U.S. only. (Cannot be shipped to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. Orders will be cancelled.)

1 review for Kleenwise® Distiller Cleaner/Descaler

  1. n0oxy

    This is an excellent distiller cleaner. I have several distillers including the Waterwise 3200 which is an excellent distiller.
    Let me start by mentioning that I’m a blind person so I have to identify everything by touch. It’s easy to tell where the scale deposits are because they have a rough feel to them, when a boiling pot is clean, it feels smooth. Before I got the Kleenwise cleaner, I was using vinegar to clean my distillers. This worked but not as well as I would like. I would pour some vinegar in to the pot and let it sit for about a half hour, then I would scrub the bottom with a paper towel. I didn’t want to use anything hard or sharp since that can damage the pot. This worked but I had to use some elbow grease to remove it. I prefer to keep my distillers very clean so I completely clean them after every use rather than just rinsing them. This way the scale never has a chance to build up at all.
    There are two different acids that are commonly used for descaling, citric acid and sulfamic acid. This cleaner has both so it gives you the best of both worlds, I’m not sure of the percentage of each acid but the fact that it has both is a good thing.
    Even though I can’t see to measure the amount I’m putting in, I’ve found a method that works very well. I fill the pot about a quarter full with hot tap water, the main thing to do is cover the bottom. It’s good to use hot water since the chemical reaction will be faster that way. Then I pour some of the crystals in, enough so the bottom is covered with a thin layer. At that point I wait about 30 minutes for the crystals to dissolve and work their magic. At this point most of the scale is gone, I still take a paper towel and wipe the bottom and sides of the pot, but I don’t have to use any elbow grease the way I did with vinegar. Once that is done, I dump out the solution, rinse the boiling pot and it’s literally as clean as it was the day I got it. The bottom and sides are smooth as can be.
    If you’re looking for a great cleaner for your distiller and probably anything else you want to descale, get this. You get a large amount for the price, I purchased two jars so I should be good to go for a long time but when I run out, I will definitely be purchasing more, again, it’s excellent.
    I would also suggest that you clean your distiller after every use, don’t just rinse it out, use a descaler every time. This way the scale never has a chance to build up and you will never have to spend several hours descaling it.

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