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  • Waterwise 1600 Hi-Temp Tubing (Price is per foot – cut as one continuous length)


    The high-temp flexible tubing attaches to the distiller and inserts with a downward slope into a collector/storage container (such as item #1203—3-gallon round storage bottle). The price for this high-temperature tubing is per foot – cut as one continuous length.

  • Aclare Purifier Replacement Lamp Module

    Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $89.00.

    This Aclare Air Purifier lamp module can be used as a replacement for our Airlite Lamp Module (SKU: 2910). This part outputs 50-100% more purified air! To replace the lamp module, unplug the Airlite from the wall outlet. Firmly grip the base with one hand and the lamp module with the other, and pull it…

  • Waterwise 7000 Remote Faucet Pump System

    Original price was: $539.00.Current price is: $475.00.

    This option enables you to have distilled water on tap throughout your home; in your kitchen, wet bar—up to 5 locations. For use with the 8- and 12-gallon floor-standing models. Just put the 7000 in a garage, basement, laundry, or other out-of-the-way location. Then allow the Remote Faucet Pump System to deliver distilled water to a…