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Waterwise 7000 Automatic Distiller Series

Waterwise 7000 Series Water Distillers

(left to right)

  • 7000 12-Gallon Automatic Distiller—shown with optional remote pump system
  • 7000 8-Gallon Automatic Distiller
  • 7000 3-Gallon Countertop Automatic Distiller

The 7000 is constructed of durable stainless steel, requires only one simple connection, produces up to 9 gallons a day, and stores purified water in a 3, 8 or 12 gallon reservoir which is automatically refilled. Plus, its patented “gravity control” feed system eliminates the need for boiler floats. An optional Remote Faucet Pump System provides the luxury of pure water to your refrigerator’s ice-maker and kitchen sink. You can expect years of reliable service—gallon after gallon of fresh steam distilled water—from this system.

Why you should own a water distiller…

The heart of the matter…

Studies indicate drinking 8 glasses of pure water a day bolsters heart health for both women and men. Consider this fact—your heart is 79% water. The typical person has a body composite of 70% water, and maintaining adequate levels of hydration is essential for the efficient regulation of all physiological functions.

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Purity of distilled water over time

No other method compares…

Simple carbon filters and reverse osmosis fail over time. They can actually become breeding ground for bacteria as the trapped organic material begins to decompose. Unlike these inconsistent methods, distillation separates the contaminants from the water you consume, and guarantees consistent purity, gallon after gallon, year in and year out.

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Save money…

Drinking bottled water is convenient, but there’s no guarantee that it’s any cleaner than what comes out of the tap. In fact, 40% of bottled water starts out as municipal tap water. With a quality Waterwise distiller, you can realize substantial savings while eliminating the drudgery of lifting and hauling heavy containers.

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Water Distiller is cheaper
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