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  • Kleenwise® Distiller Cleaner/Descaler


    Specially formulated to quickly and easily descale distiller boiling tanks. Environmentally safe, biodegradable, and phosphate-free. This 40 oz. (2 lb. 8 oz.) jar of distiller cleaner and descaler lasts up to a full year. Recommended for all distillers. Ships within the Contiguous U.S. only. (Cannot be shipped to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. Orders…

  • Waterwise 3200 Countertop Distiller


    The Waterwise 3200 electric water distiller eliminates concerns about your drinking water safety. Simply fill the stainless steel boiler with tap water, press the reset button, and soon you’ll enjoy pure water anytime, anywhere. The Waterwise 3200 countertop water distiller will produce any amount of water up to 1 gallon per cycle. If less than…

  • Waterwise 3200 Tritan Carafe

    Waterwise 3200 Extra 1-Gallon Collector/Carafe


    BPA-Free 1-gallon pitcher with a lid! Crystal clear and extremely durable pitcher container. One stays with the distiller to collect water while the extra chills in your refrigerator or goes to the table.

  • New and Improved 8606 Carbon Filter Bags

    Waterwise 3200 & 8800 Carbon Filter Bags (6-Pack)


    Carbon filtration enhances taste and purity by adsorption, aeration and degasification. Replace every 2 months or after 60-80 gallons distilled, whichever comes first. One bag drops into the filter compartment of the carafe lid.