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Practical uses for pure, 100% steam distilled water

Radiant Skin—cleanse daily without pore-clogging impurities

Personal Hygiene—contact lenses rinse free of irritating residue, and distilled water is highly recommended for use with your Neti Pot and CPAP 

Ice Cubes—always clear, always sparkling, and never spoil the taste of your drink 

Healthy Fish—keep aquariums clean, clear and chlorine-free 

Irons, CPAP & Humidifiers—no damaging scale buildup means longer product life 

Savory Cooking—emphasize the natural taste and appearance of food without chemicals

Fruit Juices—enhance the freshly squeezed natural juice flavor

Pets—they enjoy the same pure water benefits as people 

Coffee, Tea and Cocoa—use less, yet get an even richer, true taste 

Baby Care—pure enough for formulas, inhalation therapy and herbal tinctures 

Happy Plants—eliminates brown foliage tips and flower pot salt deposits… plus longer-lasting blooms

… and many more you’ll discover!

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