Airlite Air Purifier

What is the Airlite?

The smaller size of this home air filter uses the same photocatalytic technology as our Airwise models to oxidize odors and destroy microbes such as fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses. While this photocatalytic air filter does not use the same Wisepointe® technology as the larger Airwise models, its innovative and lightweight design does make it ideal for travel and small areas, as well as employing a technique we like to call Zone Purification®.

Unlike many highly hyped devices, Airlite home air filters really work! This photocatalytic air purifier is incredibly simple to use – plug it in, turn it on, and soon you'll enjoy cleaner, healthier air. And it's silent (no fans), maintenance-free (no filters to clean or replace), compact and portable, and affordable.

Airlite works "outside the box", so it's not necessary for polluted air to actually enter the photocatalytic air purifier. Instead, Airlite creates inductive warmth, drawing humidity into the purifier. When humidified air enters the target area, the ultraviolet, germicidal lamp activates the catalyst to produce superoxide ions and hydroxyl radicals as part of a reaction called photocatalysis. These molecules then migrate throughout the area (can not go through walls or closed doors, but can go around corners) to neutralize toxins by breaking them up on a molecular level, destroying any micro- organism down to .001 micron.

Airlite Portable Air Purifier

There are many forms of small particulate matter.

Some examples include fumes, viruses, mold and bacteria. The small size of these particles makes them detrimental to your health as they easily infiltrate the lungs. Compounding this is the fact that they tend to stay airborne, increasing the likelihood of ingestion.


Indoor gases, such as chloroform, benzene, and hydrogen sulfide are released from furniture, carpeting, cleansers, printers, insulation, insecticides and hair sprays. VOCs, including benzene and trichlorethylene, contain carbon and easily evaporate into the air, making them readily inhalable. The odors that we all would rather not smell are typically VOCs or other noxious gases.


Zone Purification®


The best way to purify the air in your home is to break down the space into multiple zones and place an Airlite air purifier in each one. Zone Purification® is far more effective and efficient than trying to treat an entire home from one location with a single filter or purifier.


By using our Zone Purification® method, you leave little to no chance that the many types of harmful particulate matter or volatile organic compounds can stick around and cause trouble!