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Waterwise 7000 Water Distiller

All our employees drink distilled water and use it to make coffee, etc. Everyone is positive about it and some take water home to use.

Brian Ashford, Columbia NC

I stay better hydrated now that I can enjoy the water; before it tasted so bad that I never drank as much as I should have. It's great knowing you'll always have plenty of fresh, clean water. I do all my cooking with it.

Tawana Bolan, Garland TX

It keeps me from carrying heavy bottles from stores and much better consistent quality. Waterwise service has been superior to any company that I have dealt with in my 76 years. Thanks to all of you for the stainless steel products and wonderful service.

Betty Brannan, Dunedin FL

Drinking distilled water since Dec 2008. It's a proactive approach to being responsible for what we don't take into our body.

JKathleen Caldwell, Yuba City CA

Coffee tastes better and ice cubes are cleaner. It provides a continuous supply of high quality purified water.

William Curran, S. Barrington IL

The 7000 is the easiest distiller to use. I can't recommend this distiller highly enough and I plan on having one my whole life. Wouldn't be without it.

David Deeter, Wabash IL

We love the 7000 because of the convenience, quality and safety it provides. It has enhanced the flavor of cooking and all beverages

Jerry & Jean Grego, Lehigh Acres FL

It is dependable, its operation is simple. Having our own dependable distiller saves our having to carry heavy bottles of water home from the grocery store.

Warren Hannas, Thompson's Station TN

Quality of water is excellent. We use our distilled water for boiling soups and pasta, making coffee, making flavored drinks.

Ronald Krueger, Chino Valley AZ

We used to buy water at the 'machine'. It was filtered city water. It was a hassle to take the empty 2 ½ gallon jugs and then wait to fill them at the 'machine'. Sometimes the jugs would leak. Now, I never run out of water and never go any further than my garage for clean water. Pure convenience. Thank you.

Douglas Miller, Broadview MT

The Waterwise 7000 was the best purchase that we made for our home. It is, we believe, the best quality water distiller available. We are pleased with the water and the distiller's efficiency.

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Morski, Joliet IL

Most people say it tastes different and we respond by saying, 'Yes, it isn't contaminated.'. It is an excellent product with great quality.

Jennifer Patzer, Fort Worth TX

It keeps up very well with our large family of ten. I love the fact that my Model 7000 distiller is totally self-sufficient. With our large family I don't have time to babysit a distiller.

Dionne Vetter, Springfield TN