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Pratical Uses for Distilled Water

Practical uses for pure,
100% steam distilled water

Ice cubes... always clear and sparkling, and never spoils the taste of your drink

Savory cooking... emphasize the natural taste and appearance of foods without unwanted chemicals

Fruit juices... enhance the fresh-squeezed taste

Coffee, tea, and cocoa... use less, yet get an even richer, true flavor

Baby care... pure enough for formulas, inhalation therapy and herbal tinctures

Low sodium diets... 99.9% sodium free

Complexion care... cleanse daily for radiant skin without pore-clogging impurities

Aquariums... keep aquarium clean, clear and chlorine-free for healthy fish

Pet care... pets enjoy the same pure water benefits as their human friends

Houseplants... eliminate browned foliage tips and flower pot salt deposits, enjoy longer-lasting blooms

Sprouting... nutritious sprouts grow like crazy

Steam irons and humidifiers... no damaging scale buildup means longer product life

Wet-cell batteries... pure power and longevity

… and many more you'll discover!

In the news...

Antidepressants in the water are making
shrimp suicidal

Improving human mental health is having some serious unintended consequences for our friends in the ocean. Exposure to antidepressants makes shrimp five times more likely to place themselves in life-threatening situations, and the broader effects could damage the entire ecosystem.

Exposure to the antidepressant fluoxetine causes shrimp to radically alter their behavior. While normal shrimp are more likely to avoid swimming towards light because it's often associated with prey like birds or fishermen, those exposed to fluoxetine become five times more likely to swim towards light than away from it. That change in behavior places them in harm's way, and if enough shrimp are exposed to the antidepressant the entire population could be at risk.

Alex Ford, a marine biologist at the UK's University of Portsmouth, explains how that can reverberate throughout the oceanic ecosystem and why this is a serious concern:

"Crustaceans are crucial to the food chain and if shrimps' natural behaviour is being changed because of antidepressant levels in the sea, this could seriously upset the natural balance of the ecosystem. Much of what humans consume you can detect in the water in some concentration. It's no surprise that what we get from the pharmacy will also be contaminating the country's waterways."
for tap water