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Back | Frequantly Asked Questions - Airwise

How much does it weigh?

3 lbs.

How large are the Airwise units?

4”h x 12”w x 8.25”d
The base units are all the same size. The lamp modules are produced to treat different size areas.

What size do I need?

Small room can treat areas up to 350 sq ft
Large room can treat areas from 350 to 750 sq ft
Multi Room can treat areas from 750 to 1500 sq ft

How do I calculate the square footage of my home or room?

Multiply the length of room in feet, times width of room in feet, equals square footage. (10ft x 14ft= 140 sq ft)

What is the best placement?

The best location is centrally located in the space you want to treat about head high as air flows from high to low. If there is a particular area of concentrated contamination you may want to place the unit closer to that area.

Will one unit cover my home if I have a multiple floors?

We suggest at least one unit per floor (depending on square footage), since the air in your home does not circulate as well between floors as it does between rooms on the same floor.

How do you replace the filter?

There are no filters to replace. The hydroxyl radicals are emitted into the room air and attack the contaminants where they exist. Airflow doesn’t have to circulate through the machine for the purifier to work, thus no filter is required.

How often do I change the lamp?

Based on continuous operation the lamp should be changed every 12 to 18 months, to maintain the best treatment performance.

How do I know when to change the lamp module?

The lamp is effective for 9000 hrs if run continuously, which is about 12 months. The module still performs after 9000 hrs, but at about 60% rate of new and continues to decrease over time.

Does the light go out when the lamp module needs to be changed?

No, it does not, it stays illuminated. For best performance, replace lamp module annually.

Is it easy to replace the lamp module?

Yes, pull out the used lamp and insert a new one. Follow directions included with the module.

What is Wisepointe™?

The Wisepointe™ technology generates active negative ions at an accelerated yet controlled rate, thereby enhancing the speed at which dust and other airborne particles are removed from your breathing space.

Does it generate ozone?

Only as a byproduct to the technology, during regular operation it is typically less than .01 PPM.

I read that ionizers are harmful?

Our Wisepointe™ is not harmful and generates an active negative ion stream for particulate removal. Negative ions are plentiful in nature, i.e. around a water fall, ocean/beach, after a thunderstorm, etc.

Why is there a slight metallic smell and is it harmful?

This can sometimes occur and is not harmful. However, you may experience eye or nose irritation when the unit is new or when located in a space smaller than recommended. The odor will typically dissipate after a few days or when moved to a properly sized area.