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90% mold/bacteria reduction with Airwise

Airwise has proven effective in tests conducted by California Microbiological Consulting, Inc. and Walnut Creek Research Laboratory. They found that common mold and bacteria levels, which are present in 90% of American homes, plummeted 50% or more in the first 24 hours and continued to drop by 90% after 3 days!

Tests were conducted on each of the three Airwise units: the Small Room (treats areas up to 350 square feet), the Large Room (up to 750 square feet), and the Multi-Room (up to 1,500 square feet). Consistent reduction of airborne bacteria and mold was produced by all of the Airwise purifiers tested in this in-home study. This was typically about 75% to 90% reduction of bacteria and molds, comparing the six-day treatment with the untreated in-home baseline values. Normal home activities were maintained throughout the test period. The test household consisted of two adults with two indoor dogs.

The testing plan provided 30 outside air samples (15 for bacteria and 15 for mold) for baseline of outside air. The inside air base periods comprised 90 air samples (5 bacteria and 5 mold daily in 3 rooms for 3 days). The test periods comprised 180 inside baseline samples (5 samples daily for bacteria and 5 for mold for each of 3 test rooms for 6 days). Total bacteria were determined on PCA (Plate Count Agar) plates; mold counts were determined on PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar) plates; results were tabulated and analyzed statistically for comparison with baseline and to track sequential changes of airborne mold counts over time.Performance graph - Small Room Airwise


Dished of mold before and after application of Airwise technology


Performance graph - Large Room Airwise Performance graph - Multi-Room Airwise

In the news…

22 signs that you may have a potential mold problem in your home or building

  1. High humidity
  2. Water/pipe leaks
  3. Flooding
  4. Mildewy/musty odors
  5. Increased allergy/respiratory symptoms—
    chronic sinus infections
  6. Signs of toxic poisoning—headaches,
    decreased attention span, difficulty concen-
    trating, and dizziness
  7. Leaky roof
  8. Use of humidifiers without relative humidity
  9. Damp basements or crawl spacesMOld
  10. Condensation or rusting
  11. Lots of house plants
  12. Discoloration of walls—greenish,
    brownish, or blackish discoloration
  13. Cracked, peeling paint
  14. Blocked gutters
  15. Warped wood
  16. Black growth in bathroom tiles/grout
  17. Loosening of drywall tape
  18. Visible biological/mold growth
  19. Clothes dryer/other appliances not vented to
  20. Poor ventilation
  21. Presence of wet materials indoors
  22. Mold test